Warzone Tourney Rules

Next Warzone Eventūüéģ
Time & Location
November 7th, 2020 5:00PM ET
Online Tournament
About the Event
Time & Location
5:00 PM ET  Saturday November 7th, 2020.
Entry Fee:
$25 per team ($8.33 Per Person)
(To guarantee prize pool for players ‚Äč‚Äčentry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE)
(Registration Fee goes towards the cash prize pool, so the more teams that register the larger the prize pool, will be a set number 1 week before event AT THE LATEST)
1st $TBD
2nd $TBD
3rd $TBD
$100 Tag @Giannettimma & #Giannettimma on twitter with your best play from the tournament for your chance to win!
Anyone can register for this event
- Play as many games as you want/can in the 3 hours.
-Report best 4 matches scores at the end
- Played in TRIOS public lobbies.
(squads may leave matches early to start a new match).
Registration: You may register separate or together, just make sure Team Name is the same for all team members.
Payout Time:
There is a 24 review period to insure the safest, most pure event possible
Sunday, November 8th, @ 5pm ET, We will release the winners and reveal the scoreboards live on twitch.
The mods may take as long as is necessary to look over videos
and check scores. We must understand, that in order to ensure there is no foul play, our mods will go over ALL data and ALL videos.‚Äč
Game Mode:
TRIOS, DIVISION Kill Race. 3 hour - Best 4 matches 
Tie Breakers:
The Team with the highest scoring single player wins.
Best Play: Tag @Giannettimma & #Giannettimma on twitter with your best play from the tournament for a chance to win the $100 prize.‚Äč
Requirement to Stream:
One person from every team is required to stream the game with "archive mode" turned ON (please join discord for help if needed Link at bottom)
This allows us to look at POV if need be.
The stream title must contain ‚ÄúGiannettimma Warzone Trios Tournament‚ÄĚ This helps us search for our tournament players.
Allowed streaming platforms:
‚Äč(No webcam required, just live stream with registered gamertag. Streaming IS available from console)
KILLS  = 1 point
1st  = 10 points
2nd = 7 points
3rd = 4 points
4th = 2 points
5th = 1 point
Reporting Scores:
After the 3 hour block teams will place their Team Name, Their captains discord name, followed by their 4 best scores Into the designated Report Scores page on this site. GAMES MUST BE REPORTED BY 8:30 pm ET Day of Tournament.
Report Score at Link : https://giannettimma.com/pages/warzone-score-report
WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND That you take Screenshots of your 4 best games. Although reporting is now automated, If what you report is different than the server pull, you MUST have proof. We recommend having screenshots just in case. It protects you.
There is a 30 minute submission window (8:30pm ET). There are no exceptions to the reporting rules. Sending Mods screenshots, videos, reporting without video
reporting late, reporting in the discord chat, any reporting other than the standard reporting method will result in a score of -0-. We are trying to make a smooth and quick process for the other contestants. We cannot focus on side reports.
Must be 13 years or older to receive payout from the tournaments. This must be with parental consent.
All decisions made on the grounds of cheating/hacking are at Giannettimma LLC discretion. Harassing MODS will only result in further punishment. Any attempt to harass a member of the Giannettimma crew will result in punishment. We are cognizant of technical difficulties but cannot cater to them. Giannettimma LLC holds the right to make tournament decisions based on the integrity of the tournament. We hold the right to ban or DQ (disqualify) any team or member of the tournament to protect the tournament's integrity. Our decisions are final. Giannettimma LLC holds the right to protect the modality of this tournament structure.